How to prepare for study abroad on a budget!

Hellooo! If you read my last blog then welcome back. If not, then I’m still happy you’re here 🙂 Today is my first day of classes and my fifth day in Madrid. Since I just got here and the traveling experience is fresh on my mind I figured I’d talk about that, and what my first […]
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Most sought after courses in Australia

Australia, the “Land Down Under” boasts of scenic beauty, sandy deserts and plateaus. A large number of international students prefer to study in Australia at the well renowned Australian universities like University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, among others. Colleges in Australia offers courses across various disciplines. Degrees obtained from universities in Australia have world recognition. The below mentioned most sought […]
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Studying in the Opportunistic Land: Canada

Canada sees the enrolment of more than 18000 international students per year. The number of international students desiring to study in Canada, is increasing through the years. The country is home to over 96 universities and 175 community colleges. Colleges in Canada offer a vast array of courses across various disciplines. The land of opportunities, Canada is an […]
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