Visit Canada

Visit & Stay In The Canada For Up To 6 Months

Canada visitor or Tourist visa is a temporary Canadian immigration opportunity that permits the individual to visit the country for up to 6 months.
Visit Visa

Canada tourist visa or visitor visa for Canada is a temporary Canadian immigration allowing the applicant to visit the country for a more than 6 months.

Visa Requirements

• Valid passport from each applicant
• Employment evidence that confirms applicant’s return to native country such as:
1. Confirmation document from employer regarding the salary and duration of employment and/ or employment contract
2. Leave grant letter from employer
3. Salary statements
• If applicant is self employed his/her business license and/or registration
• Proof of Personal Funds
• Letter of invitation and/or statutory declaration of support from family or friend
• Confirmation of immigration status of invite
• For visa applicants lacking any invitation must submit detailed program including evidence of air ticket and hotel booking

Visa Fee

Visa fee for each applicant: 100 CAD
Note: The total will not be more than $500 per family, but only if the family members all apply at the same time and place.
Visa processing time is a maximum of 1 month from the submit of application at embassy
Disclaimer: Visa fees may change without prior notice

Business Visit Visa

Canada Business Visit Visa is a temporary visa; this visa is issued for travel of less than 3 months. Business visitor visas is only for business individuals who intend to visit Canada for business purposes, for instance, to attend conference or training session, to conduct business with an Canada based organization, to make business negotiations or for an exploratory business visit.

Required Documents

Documents required are:
• Passport
• Proof of good health;
• Documents proving that applicant would be returning to home country at the end of the trip
• Proof of sufficient funds

Disclaimer: Visa fees may change without prior notice

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