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Hellooo! If you read my last blog then welcome back. If not, then I’m still happy you’re here 🙂 Today is my first day of classes and my fifth day in Madrid. Since I just got here and the traveling experience is fresh on my mind I figured I’d talk about that, and what my first few days have been like. 

Let’s start with the day before/day of trip. The day before of course is gonna be a little crazy because you wanna make sure you’re not forgetting anything but also not over packing but also what if you need that one thing that takes up SO MUCH room??? Here’s my thoughts on what to pack and what not to pack. First we have to consider where you stand in terms of financial budget. 


Personally, my budget is on the lower side so if you’re like me I’d say to bring as much as you can! You don’t wanna have to spend money right when you get to your study abroad country so bring everything you need. A lot of study abroad sites recommend to pack very light and to leave a lot of room for stuff you buy while abroad which is fair—if you have the money to buy that much stuff. My strategy was to bring toiletries and packing pretty much all the clothes and things I would need, because that way you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of stuff when you get to your country but also since you have toiletries that you’ll use while abroad, that means you’ll have room for some stuff to bring back!

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